Kallie: A girl on stage

I have spent more time at a strip club than I ever thought I would. When I started this project I didn't know where it would lead. My thoughts were to find a woman in the entertainment business and delve into her life and profession. I was so fortunate to meet Kallie, a sweet, thoughtful and mature woman who is a stripper, or dancer, whichever you prefer. She has a good head on her shoulders and was so accommodating to me as I photographed, filmed and interviewed her for about 5 weeks. I learned a great deal about the business and the negatives that follow it. Take a short journey and let this woman reveal her true self to you.

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Oregon Oyster Farm

Down a winding road in Newport, you will find the oldest operating oyster farm in Oregon. Located on the Yaquina Bay this farm has been in business since 1907. I drove 3 hours to have a unique experience photographing the harvesting and shucking of the oysters.  Shortly after arriving around 8:30 am, I was offered a fresh oyster in the shell with a few dabs of hot sauce. A new taste and texture for me. I glanced across the bay and a rainbow appeared from shore to shore, I knew this would be unforgettable.

These oysters typically grow for a minimum of two years before being harvested. I was lucky to join them on as they went harvesting in the bay. We boarded a small boat and headed out as the rain was drizzling on us. One of the methods was dredging the oysters up from the bottom of the bay. This had to be done with care and accuracy, you had to be at the right depth so as to collect the oysters and not too much mud. They collected three large containers of oysters and headed back so they could begin cleaning and sorting. 

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How are you feeling?

How are you? We ask or get asked this question every day, and how many times do we answer "I'm fine" or "not bad", when maybe that really isn't how we are. This project was an exploration of just that, how we present a different emotion than what is on the inside. I found it interesting when discovering the feelings these subjects expressed, but without asking I probably wouldn't be able to guess how they are. We can all relate to each and every emotion in this series, from a teenager feeling down to a young woman eager about finishing Spring term. My hope is that we can all be a little more aware of our friends, family and those we don't know and realize that they are feeling more than fine or not bad. 

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 This time-lapse video was a project done for class and features students from Mt. Hood Community College, it offers a quick glimpse into activities and the daily grind at this awesome school.

Non-profit Brochure

Mock up of a non-profit brochure, complete with original photos, backstory and all necessary elements to raise awareness. 

Any idea of yours can be fitted into a brochure, flyer or digital image. 

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