Laura Elizabeth

Born in Portland, Or

Lives & works in Portland/Gresham, Or


  Photography is about relationships -- between the photographer and the subject, the light and the camera, the image and the audience. I create interest and style simultaneously. When these come together, the concept has life breathed into it. I am inspired by textures, shapes and the interaction of light within the elements I photograph. As I photograph a person, I seek to bring out their personality and capture their essence. I am committed and driven to bring a unique understanding to any project I am involved in. It is my goal to forge a kinship, explore that connection and generate a memorable story.  I incorporate all my creativity and knowledge into achieving your desired images, from interpreting your view to producing the finished product. Our collaboration is not complete until you are satisfied. I am determined in all things I set my mind to; whether it be a small task or facing a new situation. I don’t give up.


 When I’m not behind the lens, I am a devoted mommy to my strong-willed, 3-year-old son, and I enjoy hiking and camping in this beautiful part of the Northwest. My most recent adventure was a white-water trip down the White Salmon River.


Contact me via e-mail or by phone and we can create your vision.